All I want to do is eat, eat, eat, eat, eat.

31 Jan

Today I ate all of the following:

  • Apple Jacks cereal (with milk)
  • Two brown sugar Poptarts
  • A 16 oz white mocha
  • A PB&J sandwich
  • A doughnut
  • Two slices of pizza
  • A cookie/cheesecake/graham cracker thing

I think it’s fair to say the stress eating has begun.

I was doing a really good job working out and watching what I ate this month, but over the course of this last weekend something happened. Over the course of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I ate an entire pint of ice cream, a bowl of top ramen, a huge brunch, a giant hamburger, a whole box of Kraft mac n’ cheese, and a big platter of chicken wings. And I haven’t done so much as a single sit up either.

I guess it’s natural for me to feel stressed out right about now. I’ve got a show opening in about a week and a half (EEK!), a ton of homework/reading to be doing, some other side projects that desperately need me to work on them, and barely anytime for a social life. Once the Monologues are open and closed, life will go back to normal and I’ll be able to get back to a normal workout schedule and be a whole hell of a lot less stressed out. Who knows! Maybe I’ll even get to go to the gym! And finally start reading Clash of Kings!

Oh let’s hope!

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