Dear Really Cute Boy in My English Class,

4 Apr

Last term we had two classes together. We sat next to each other in one of them, and in the other one we were once put in the same discussion group. I thought you were cute and I that we’d really hit it off if we got to know each other, but we only ever talked once or twice. It was pretty obvious we’re both very shy, very quiet, very socially awkward people; introverts to our cores. It seemed like you may have wanted to talk to me too, but maybe you’re like me and you’re afraid to put yourself out there. Maybe you got your heart stepped on too, and maybe you’re still healing as well.


Then the term ended and I figured I’d missed my one and only chance. Like always. Well. Now we’re in another class together this term, another English class, and after class today you approached me and talked with me as we walked down the hall. You smiled and chuckled and said goodbye as I walked out into the rain, and the second my back was turned towards you a grin spread itself across my face.


This term I will talk to you.

This term I wont be shy.

This term I’ll make an effort.

Because, oh my god, you are cute and smart and shy and your beard is amazing.


Get ready.

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