::thoughts on the new THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL soundtrack::

4 Apr
I was one of the many who purchased the The Devil’s Carnival soundtrack yesterday when it went on sale. Here are my opinions of the best and the worst of the songs. All the “in between” songs aren’t on here, because I quite honestly don’t have a strong opinion on them just yet. I want to like “Grief” and “Beautiful Stranger”, but I honestly don’t know how I feel about them. I think I’ll have to see TDC first. Anyway, to my thoughts!

Here are my six favorites:

6. The Devil’s Carnival – Okay, so I had determined a while ago that I was going to hate this song after hearing just the chorus (repeatedly) in the trailers for TDC. It’s not necessarily because I found it a bad song, it just kept getting stuck in my head and I got super annoyed with it. But man, I love the verses. Plus, oh my god, Bill Mosley’s voice is so silly compared to Luigi. And I love Alexa. So, yeah, it turned out to be such a fun song.

5. A Penny for a Tale – Hobo Clown, you’re okay in my book.

4. Prick Goes the Scorpion’s Tail – I’d never heard of Emilie Autumn until I discovered TDC and I’ve still never seen any of her other work, but this song definitely helps me understand why she’s got such a big following. She’s got a great voice. This song’s really entertaining. Love the implied sexual innuendo.

3. Trust Me – Quite frankly, it’s a really pretty song. I sort of love this dude’s voice (Marc Senter). I’d be seduced by the Scorpion too.


1. In All My Dreams I Drown – Yup. No surprise. After watching the video of it over a week ago I knew no other song in the film would top it. It’s just so wonderful and beautiful. I guess I really super love all of the songs tied into all of Tamara’s tale.


Here are my least favorite songs (no order):

+ Heaven’s All Around – This song was actually the one I was most anticipating, and, well, I was really let down. I love Paul’s voice, but this song is just… boring. Let’s just say this: I was expecting ‘Things You See In The Graveyard’, and instead I got ‘Gold’. Boo.

+ 666 – I don’t know. I don’t want to blame Dayton, but I think if his voice were stronger I’d like this song better… actually, I’m listening to it right now, and I think it’s just not the best written song.

+ Kiss The Girls – This. Song. Is. Really. Damn. Annoying. Love the concept of the Woe Maidens, but this song is just… no.

+ It’s Off To Hell We Go – Skiiiiiiiiiip.

These are my personal opinions. Obviously there are people who’ll agree and some who’ll disagree. I just thought I’d share my thoughts. 🙂

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