Worries for Another Day

8 May

I don’t have anything to write about so far today, and I doubt I will later seeing as the rest of my day is going to be spent prepping for my Thursday journey to Portland, so I’m going to share this picture I came across earlier today.


Dance your cares away!


It’s a picture taken during the 1980s of the cast and crew of Fraggle Rock. I found it on the Jim Henson’s Red Book site (which I have no clue why I don’t visit it more often). Just look how happy all of them look. Man, what I’d give to jump back in time and work on the set of this show. I wish I knew more of the crew, and even the cast as well, of this show. I know the Fraggle five, Rob Mills, Jerry Juhl, and Jim’s in this picture as well, but that’s about it (I can’t spot Karen or Jerry to save my life though). But geez, look at all those smiles. How could they not smile? They’re working on a show that Jim pitched as “a show that will bring about world peace”. I’d be pretty happy too if I were one of them.

And oh my god, Steve, stop being so adorable. I could spot your hair from a mile away.

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