Writing Writing Writing

5 Jun

I’ve garnered two writing gigs in the past month of my life. One with coolgizmotoys.com, where I’ve written articles about cupcake wrappers and Father’s Day gift ideas. The other is ToughPigs.com, where I’ve written one article about Steve Whitmire’s hair that was released today.

I don’t really have much more to say on the topic. I just think it’s really cool that I can say I’m a featured writer of sorts. A freelanced writer, if you will! I feel like I’m just one step away from being able to say I’m a (somewhat) professional writer. Of course, I’m many more steps away than just one, but I feel like this is a really good start for me. I need to start with something laid back and low key, which both of these sites are. And they both play to two of my biggest passions, being: 1) Geeky toys, and 2) Muppets.

I’m hoping this summer to browse around for more freelance writing gigs. I don’t want to take on too much, since I do have another school year to go through and all, but maybe just one more? I think three online writing gigs for my super senior year of college would be a nice thing to have. I could put them on my resume and by the time I get out into the real world I can be all, “Oh yes! Look, old chap! I’ve accomplished all of this in only one year’s time! Quite quite!” (When did I turn into a posh British gentleman? I don’t know, but now I suddenly wish I had a monocle.)

On a side note: I am really hoping to finish my two main screenplays this summer. That would be really nifty. Then maybe I could polish them up throughout my super senior year, ship them out, and see if anything comes of them.

Ideally, in the long haul, I want to write screenplays. And novels. And maybe get more into the spoken word scene. But for now? For now I will gladly settle with these two writing gigs because, honestly, it’s not settling at all.

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