Week one of summer: Time to be lazy.

19 Jun

I realize one of the things listed on my summer bucket list is to write an entry in this blog every single day, and so far… yeah, kind of haven’t been doing that. And it’s only been summer for five days.

You see, the first week of summer is always my laziest. School’s out, I have nothing to worry about, and I just shirk off anything I should be doing. It’s a time for lots of sleep, lots of Internet perusing, and lots of television. Plus I just moved into a new place, so the last five years days been mainly devoted to unpacking all my boxes and finding homes for all my items.

Oh, and Breaking Bad. I’ve been watching  a lot of Breaking Bad as well.

But I suppose that it’s not fair to say I’ve accomplished nothing so far this summer, because I most certainly have. Let’s see, so far I:

  • Attended graduation and watched a lot of my friends walk
  • Went to that party where everyone got super depressed
  • Went to Medford to grab my laptop
  • Have watched: Rango, Iron Man, and Iron Man 2
  • Went and saw Bully, then went out to dinner with friends
  • Am currently downloading a heap of new music

And now Zach’s on his way over to start a Sex and the City marathon, then Nick and I are going out for dinner. So that’s something.

Point is, once I get a week or two into summer I pick up in productivity. I start writing more, reading constantly, doing things actually outside, exercising, etc. etc. etc. It’ll be easier to be productive once I’m completely moved/unpacked. It’s hard to feel motivated when you still don’t know where some of your things are. Plus this Saturday I’m headed up to Portland where I’ll be doing a whole mess of things (camping, visiting a Puppet museum, grabbing coffee, drinking with friends while marathoning Disney films, Nancy Drew video games, celebrating my bday, etc.). Yes, summer is sure to pick up soon, I am sure of that.

But for the time being, let me have my laziness.


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