2012: A (Quick) Year in Review

31 Dec

2012 is ending in less than seven hours, so I thought I’d take a look back at all the momentous (or, at least, momentous to me) things that happened this year. Think of this as the equivalent of a holiday card where I update you on all the shit that happened, except I’m not wasting paper and I don’t have to write so many addresses on so many damn envelopes.


Co-directed The Vagina Monologues. What a rewarding experience! Probably the best experience I had all year, in fact. It was a great collaborative process, filled with so many fabulous females and a kick ass co-director. I learned a lot about myself along the way, both as a person involved in the practice of theatre/performance art and as a woman. I even wrote up my very own Vagina Monologue by the end of the process, which I’m extraordinarily proud of.

Completed another 365 picture challenge. My picture blog isn’t completely up to date right now, but I guarantee you this was another successful year of picture taking. I plan on embarking on a third year of this project, and this upcoming January I’ll be doing an art show using all the images I’ve taken thus far.

WordPress. I managed, for the most part, to successfully keep this WordPress alive all year long. I know it’s been kind of dead since summer ended (I learned my lesson about posting once a day for four months straight: it burns you out). Anyway, I’m proud of how I’ve been able to keep it up (heh heh) all year long. Hope I keep at it next year!


Mountain Goats concert. I haven’t been to many concerts in my life (for shame), but I’m lucky in the sense that all the concerts I’ve gone to have been amazing, and this one was no exception. I had the privilege of going with Zach, and it was an amazing, cathartic experience. There’s something so healing about rocking out to your favorite songs played live.

Fanfiction. And that is all. (For now.)

The (stupid) crush. The most momentous aspect of my love life this year was that I had a five month long crush that went absolutely nowhere because, while the guy himself wasn’t stupid, the whole process of me liking him was stupid, stupid, stupid. And yeah. That was about the extent of it. My love life was rather boring this year. No me gusta.

Freelance writing. This year I got three (count ‘em, THREE) writing gigs online, one of which even paid me for several weeks (and still does on occasion). Writing for Tough Pigs, Buzz Patrol, and Cool Gizmo Toys has been an absolute treat and a great start to my future as a writer. I look forward to writing more for them this upcoming year.

I read 50 books in one year. Fuck yes.

My cat passed away. This one’s quite sad. We couldn’t find my beautiful cat, Annabelle, back in September and eventually had to assume she had run away. Then earlier this month our neighbor found her, buy, unfortunately, she was dead. While Annabelle drove me crazy on several occasions, I had her for over two years and loved her with all my heart. I can only hope she’s in a better place now (where there are lots of carpets to scratch up and no one to yell at her for doing so).


Death Anxiety. Heeeeeeeeeey here’s something I didn’t really talk to anyone about because it’s a super depressing subject and I don’t want to make other people sad but that’s okay because I worked it out on my own but it really explains why I spent a while being depressed. Oh boy! Fun times!

Ran the Color Run. Another rewarding experience! I ran the entire 5k with Nate, and by the end of it looked like Kermit the Frog. I’ve done a much better job taking care of my body this year. I run three or four times a week and exercise almost daily. The next step is being more careful about what I eat.

Got a sweet tattoo. I’ve had tattoos on the brain since I was a freshman in college. I had several designs in mind for a long while, but I eventually landed on the idea of a Muppet tattoo (pictured on the left, which reads “couldn’t we ride?” above it). Though the main question I get asked about it is “Oh, you’re a cyclist?” I don’t mind. It’s a tattoo that’s near and dear to my heart. I’m already in the process of planning and saving up for my next one (probably gonna be this behind one of my ears).

Tumblr Popular. I’m not going to delve into this one, but this year I went and gained a lot of Tumblr followers… a shocking amount, really. I know this sounds like a dumb thing to be happy about, but fuck you, I’ll be happy about whatever I so please. All of them have gotten pretty popular recently, and the tumblr I started less than a month ago has already gained 406 followers. The Muppet tumblr, which I’ve been maintaining for fifteen months now, officially has 1,735 people following it. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Did SantaCon for a second time. Here’s a picture of me incredibly intoxicated hanging out with Nate, Pimp Santa, and some girl on the phone. The only thing I remember about the taking of this picture was that I really wanted to sit in that chair.

Obsessions. Let’s face facts: I am the queen of obsessing over things. There were quite a few obsessions to be had this year, but the ones that particularly stand out are: Downton Abbey, Jurassic Park, and The Hobbit. Then, of course, the Muppets are still at number one.

Italy. What a wonderful, gorgeous trip. This was the second time I’ve visited Italy in my lifetime, but unlike when I went at the age of sixteen I felt like I took so much more away from it this time around. We visited Cortona, Assissi, Cinque Terre, Rome, and Pisa, and I took over a thousand pictures while we were there. We were only in the country for a week, but it was beautiful and amazing and I can’t wait to return again. I’m also in the (slow) process of teaching myself Italian.

Tough Pigs. So, technically I joined up with Tough Pigs in December of 2011, but I think it counts more as a 2012 thing, so shut up. I could write an entire blog entry about my love of Tough Pigs, but I’ve already done that (twice). I would just like all my Tough Pigs, and Muppet friends in general, to know how much they’ve touched my lives and made me a better person. You guys are amazing, extraordinary people, and I’m so thankful to know you all. Thanks for making life so groovy. I’ll never think of socks the same again.

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