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Why Tangled is the Best Thing Disney’s Done in Years.

4 Sep

The other day I was tumblin’ on Tumblr, like every other waking second of my entire life, when I came across a gorgeous photoset of .gifs on my dashboard for the movie Tangled. Underneath the photoset a Tumblr friend had written, “[Tangled’s] actually a classic for me already. Dunno why, it just…works.”

This got me to thinking, because he was absolutely right. As a film Tangled does work. It works really fucking well. So here, about a year and a half late, are my thoughts on as to why I think Tangled works:

Tangled is the smartest thing Disney has made in a years. The comedy is accessible to both children and adults, never dumbing down the humor or playing it obvious. The plot is enticing to everyone, as it tells a well rounded story. There are epic sequences, truly tender scenes, gorgeous music, and lots of laugh out loud moments. Overall, it’s just a really fun movie to watch.

Not only that, but all of the characters are likable. This is not always an easy task to accomplish (even for Disney), but there’s not a single character in this film that you can dislike. Rapunzel’s a bit ditzy and silly, but she’s also brave, strong, and vulnerable, which are all the ingredients you need to make up a powerful protagonist. On top of that, she’s also spunky, creative, sweet, emotional, and adorable. Flynn comes off as a douche at first (albeit a likeable douche), but the more the film goes along, the more he opens up and we see him for who he truly is. Pascal and Maximus? Lovable upon first sight. The thugs and rapscallions are fun and a great comedic addition to the film. Even Mother Gothel is likable half the time. Sure, she doesn’t exactly treat Rapunzel well (hence the locking in tower), but she’s also sassy and funny – not to mention voiced by the phenomenal Donna Murphy – making it impossible not not like her for at least a portion of the movie.

Then there’s the music, which, as stated previously, is gorgeous. The score is wonderful, and there are some awesome songs in it (‘I See The Light’ was nominated for an Oscar). Then again, honestly, would you expect any less from Alan Menken?

I’m always amused when I come across guys who liked Tangled a lot, because they always seem taken by surprise by this fact. I guess upon first glance Tangled might seem like more of a “girl” movie to some, but it’s really a movie anyone can enjoy, despite age or gender. On that note, I didn’t think I was going to like Tangled at all from the trailers that I’d seen. I didn’t even go see it in theaters, despite numerous friends telling me how amazing it was. I wish I had though, cause I would’ve gone more than once. Without a doubt.

Also, and this is something I’ve ranted about before on several different occasions, but I think Flynn and Rapunzel are one of the more realistic romantic relationships Disney has ever portrayed. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the love at first sight method that Disney tends to play up in the majority of their films, but in Tangled you’re actually able to see the progression of the relationship. Take into consideration that the main action in the majority of Disney films takes place in only three or four days. There are, of course, exceptions (Mulan and Tarzan are two that come to mind), but for the most part we’re expected to believe these characters meet and fall in love in such a small amount of time. With Tangled I really did buy it. There’s obviously a disregard between Rapunzel and Flynn from the very start, which carries on for about the first half of the film. At the same time, it’s also clear instantly that they’re attracted to each other on some level (what with her observing him after he’s passed out and him giving her his famous smolder). Then suddenly they’re on this whirlwind journey together and they slowly begin to trust, and even like, each other more and more. What’s great about Tangled is that you can actually pin point the exact moments when Rapunzel decides to trust him and where Flynn decides she’s not all that bad. We also get to see them go through some incredible intense moments together, leading them both to show levels of vulnerability that maybe they’re not used to, which leads them to open up to one another. Because they actually are able to open up, the progression of them slowly starting to fall in love comes off in a very believable way (you know, as much as a movie about magic hair can be believable at least).

Not to mention the ‘I See The Light’ scene is one of the most romantic, gorgeous scenes I’ve ever witnessed in a movie. I shit you not.

Tangled is a truly remarkable film, and the best Disney has made in years. I realize if you haven’t seen it yet, by this point in the entry I’ve probably spoiled the majority of it for you. Even so, you should go watch it ASAP. It really is worth checking out.