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coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee.

26 Jan

This morning I didn’t make myself a cup of coffee. I slept in till 9am and told myself I didn’t need one. I went on a morning run, showered, started homework, read a bit, watch some TV, and all seemed right with the world.

Well, now it’s 3pm and I’ve hit that wall. The I need coffee right now or nothing else is going to be accomplished today wall.

It’s funny because, three years ago, this was not me. I didn’t even like coffee of any kind at that point in my life, and I’m struggling to remember when it was that I even started drinking the stuff on a regular basis. I have a vague memory of being a freshman in college and forcing myself to chug down a shitty 7-11 coffee in order to keep myself awake for the rest of light crew’s late hours, so I know that was before the coffee epidemic struck me. I feel like coffee probably became a necessity sometime during sophomore year, especially because I remember that I ordered a white mocha (my signature drink) on my first date with my ex that year. Perhaps it was during Johnny Johnson. Most likely. Goddamn, fuck you, Johnny Johnson. Even three years later you are still ruining my life.

Seriously, what has become of me? I own a coffee maker and drink one to two coffees a day.

Needless to say, I’m not a fan of how dependent I’ve become on coffee. During the summer I’d only have one cup a couple days a week, normally when I’d get up a tad earlier to go out on a run or to go to work, and I feel like that was better. It was a nice pick-me-up in the mornings back then. Unlike now where, if I don’t have coffee, my world comes crashing down. I could just press through it and not rely on it, and eventually I wouldn’t need it at all, but this term… this term I feel is not the time to kick my coffee habit. I’m taking seven classes. I have an art show opening this week. I’m on light crew. I’m working two part time jobs. I’m trying to plan a motherfucking trip that’s going to last an entire year of my life. I don’t have the time to hold an intervention for myself and quit this addiction.

So, next term. Next term when I’ll only be taking four classes (two of which will be a breeze). Next term when there will be no art show. Next term when I’ll hopefully have an easier theatre practice. I’d like to kick the utter dependance on coffee to the curb mainly because I don’t want it with me in New Zealand. I’m going to be on a very tight budget, and I don’t want to be throwing my money down the drain every morning for the sake of a cup of Joe. That’s not to say I’m going to do away with it completely. Oh hell no. I’m sure there will be mornings in New Zealand where we have to get up even earlier than normal, or when we have time to kill. I’d just like to be able to go through an entire day and not have it be ruined because I can’t survive without drinking caffeine.

So, starting in April, that will be my time to reign back on the coffee drinking. But for now, for the sake of homework and productivity, I’m going to go make myself a delicious cup of coffee before I pass out on my laptop’s keyboard.

some reasons I am happy.

17 Aug

— I started writing for the web-site Buzz Patrol yesterday. Today I wrote five articles for the site in one sitting, and I am getting paid per article.

— I officially can fit in a pair of size six pants for the first time since, Jesus, I don’t even know when.

— The adorable backpack and shirt I ordered came in the mail.

— I’ve only got ten more episodes until I’m done watching the entirety of The Muppet Show in under two weeks.

— My online Web Development course is complete, at long last!

— Grabbing coffee with Beckah tomorrow morning.

— I’m probably gonna go see Ruby Sparks on Sunday, either by myself or with Martin.

— Tomorrow I’m finally going to be through with my first draft of Obsessed, my screenplay, and then I’ll send it on it’s way to Aileen to be read.

— I’m going to start working on my next Cool Gizmo Toys featured article tonight.

— An associate producer over at the Don Bluth company read my wordpress entry on The Secret of Nimh and liked it.

— I went grocery shopping today and am all set on food until my next paycheck.

— My security deposit check from my last house is on its way in the mail.

— Hamburger for dinner, then a late night run once I get off of work.

Oh Happy Day!

3 May

I don’t often write about good days, mainly because they can be a rarity at times, so when they make an appearance in my life, by golly, I make sure to write about them. And today was a good day, folks. A very, very good day.

Look how happy the Beatles are! This is how I feel… except there’s only one of me, and I’m sitting in an office instead of jumping on a bed… but you get the idea.

I guess by saying “I had a good day” what I really mean to say is “I’ve had a good twenty-four hours”, seeing as how the last half of yesterday was pretty grand. I shared my Vagina Monologue with the world (sort of) and it has thus far been well received, and then my Jane Eyre group presented and I’m pretty certain we did well. I also got to hang out with a good friend yesterday evening. We went out for burgers, her catching me up on her wonderfully happy life and me regaling her about the crush I often allude to. We then ate pie and watched the movie Screamers. All in all, a pretty great night.

That great night has transferred over into me having a great day as well.

It started with me worrying about being late to class, but I ended up getting there on time and then being released from class an hour early. I then bought a coffee, and my friend who was working at the library coffee shop remembered that I like my drinks extra sweet, which was sweet of her to remember (there’s a reason I never make puns…it’s cause I’m bad at them). I then drank my delicious, hot beverage while listening to an audio interview with a certain Muppet performer that a certain friend shared with me, and getting the chance to hear it was beyond amazing.

Today I was also asked to partake in something particularly Muppety as well, but I’ll hold off on my raving on this aspect. Just in case I get super lazy and idiotically miss out on this opportunity. So let’s wait to make sure I actually pull through on this one first before I talk in detail on it.

But the best part of my day? I am most likely almost guaranteed I’ll-know-soon not going to be homeless this summer/next school year! I need to figure out move out times with my current roommates and get a hold of Rachael’s current landlady, but I think it’s gonna work out nicely. Plus the place is closer to campus and so much cheaper than my current place. This pleases me to no extent.

And… well I guess that’s it! All in all it’s been a pretty marvelous day.

Coffee Withdrawls…Got the Better of Me

4 Mar

Five days ago I said I was gonna go the rest of the school term without drinking any coffee in order to save money, lose weight, and be not so dependent on the substance.

Well, for the record, today I caved.

I never realized how much hold coffee had on me. By the third day without coffee (this last Wednesday) I was almost in tears in the library because I felt so fatigued and wanted coffee so badly. Today I had to be at work an hour and a half early, and as I was getting ready to leave I realized how afraid I was that I would fall asleep at work. So I made a pit stop at Starbucks on my way and purchased a white mocha and – oh the humanity! – a doughnut.

It worries me how this it the most normal I’ve felt in the past five days, simply because I drank coffee. Not even the normal amount, I had the (non advertised) short version! Only 8 ounces. And that’s plenty to wake me up. Sheesh.

I guess I should be somewhat proud. I went five whole days without spending a single cent on not just coffee, but anything in particular. Let’s see if I can last longer than a week now without spending money in general, but also without coffee.

And doughnuts.

Oh god do I love doughnuts.

Not Much To Say

2 Mar

Low of my day: Realizing that I am, in fact, very addicted to coffee. So much in fact that my withdrawal from it is affecting my mood and my overall outlook on life (in short? I want to rip everybody’s faces off and flip off the world.)

High of my day: Finding out a new Muppet movie is (somewhat) in the works.

Realization of my day: I want to have George Clooney’s babies.

Greatest want of my day: A cup of coffee and a doughnut.


Sorry, nothing really to say today. In a pretty foul mood.

Drinking my last coffee of the winter school term.

27 Feb

No, this is not for Lent, and no, this is not because I’m addicted to coffee. I will admit that this term turned me into a full-fledged coffee drinker, but I know I’m still able to fully function without the effects of coffee. However, coffee’s definitely turned into my “I’ve got time between classes, might as well go get one” thing. Here are the two primary reasons I’m giving up coffee for the next three and a half:

  1. Diet
  2. Money

For diet, well, I said I wanted to lose five pounds before spring break. I fully believe this can still happen, but I realize coffee is not helping my effors. See, I don’t drink just any kind of coffee. I drink White Mocha’s, which are definitely one of the more unhealthy choices in a coffee shop. They are sweet and delicious and, oh goodness, one of the main reasons I’m having trouble losing weight. Now when I say “diet” I mean just eating right, not starving myself. This school year has turned into a horrible eater. I indulge in junk food daily, I snack between every meal, I overeat, and such. I’m very much hoping to end this, and this starts with cutting my delicious White Mochas from my daily routine. (Also: working out everyday. This shall happen!)

Now, money. I realize that I probably spend ten or more dollars on coffee a week (probably close to fifteen dollars), which is not okay when you’re A) a broke college student, and B) trying to save up so you have some spending money on your family trip to Italy. I’m also making it a personal goal to try to spend little to no money until I get to Italy. Some exceptions to this goal will be:

  • Buying myself a new purse (hopefully with my Macy’s gift card)
  • Getting a haircut before the trip
  • Buying groceries today that will last me through the next four weeks
  • Utilities (hoping dad will help me out on this one)

I realize this quickly digressed into a rant about how I’m unhappy with my appearance and my stress with finances, but I’ve been having a very bad day and this is only one thing of many that have been stressing me out beyond belief. It’s been one of those days where positively everything has been causing me grief. I really just need to make it through Spanish and then my group meeting for my YAF class presentation, then I can head home and spend the rest of my day working on  my Moby Dick paper, DWC essay, and begging a family friend to let me babysit her kid so I can make some extra money.

So, farewell coffee! The next time I will be drinking you will be at 7am as I wait in the PDX airport for a plane to transport me to Italia!

Five poems to summarize my day.

24 Feb

I. The Interview

April eighteenth.
It seems so far away,
but, from now until then, I will manage to stay mute
on this topic of irrefutable dispute.
Nothing will come from me talking on this subject
except getting hopes too high and feeling let down so low
in the end.
I bite my tongue,
I grit my teeth,
I forever change the subject
until it’s the eighteenth.


II. The Mix Up

I swear I thought I was taking mine,
but instead I ended up taking yours.
Whoever you are, I am truly sorry
that you were deceived from such a treat.
my order was delicious while yours was anything but,
so I saved you from having to drink
your nasty-ass coffee.
You’re welcome.


III. The Boy

Hey boy.
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, boy, boy,
the things I wanna do to you,
the things I wanna mean to you,
the things I wanna speak to you.
How could I not realize
that you’ve been standing there
in front of my eyes for seven weeks now.
Oh boy,
how I wanna take you by that manly hand
of yours, gently, like a kiss,
and I will lean in close to softly whisper in your ear…
… Oh shit.
I’ve forgotten how to do this.


IV. The Audition

Suck it.


V. The Friend

Three months
since I’ve heard your voice,
seen your face,
cause you’ve been so far away from me,
lost in outer space, which you dubbed California.
Tonight we drink
in the name of friendship.