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Not Much To Say

2 Mar

Low of my day: Realizing that I am, in fact, very addicted to coffee. So much in fact that my withdrawal from it is affecting my mood and my overall outlook on life (in short? I want to rip everybody’s faces off and flip off the world.)

High of my day: Finding out a new Muppet movie is (somewhat) in the works.

Realization of my day: I want to have George Clooney’s babies.

Greatest want of my day: A cup of coffee and a doughnut.


Sorry, nothing really to say today. In a pretty foul mood.

My secret for weight loss.

1 Mar

Know what is a really great trick when it comes to losing weight?

No, I’m not talking about exercise or eating healthy; although, yes, those are both very key in weight loss. I bike twice a day, I go to the gym three or four times a week, and I try to do a brisk workout routine in my bedroom on my off-gym days. I can’t say I’m the best at watching what I eat on a regular basis though, but this week I know I’ve been doing a pretty good job and it’s all because of my weight loss secret.

I’ve been leaving my wallet at home.

I’m definitely trigger happy when it comes to spending money. If I’m even the slightest bit hungry or, hell, if I’m just walking by some delicious looking food, chances are I will purchase it. So what I’ve been doing is eating lunch before I leave the house, and then packing myself dinner for work. I also bring along a water bottle with me, since drinking water is a great way to quell hunger. This means I have absolutely no excuse for bringing money with me to school, which results in me being able to fight my temptations for sweets/coffee a hundred percent times more. It’s not easy. I learned today that apparently I am quite the coffee addict, as this is my third day without it and it’s starting to drive me plum crazy. But this is good. This is what I need. I’m eating three square meals a day, and when I snack it’s only because I packed myself a healthy yogurt or granola bar to eat during class. I’m in total control of my eating habits, and I can already feel my diet for this week effecting my body.

It’s really tough, but I’m determined to drop five or six pounds by spring break. Hopefully this is just one more step in the right direction!

(I also realize I’m probably going to gain all that weight back once I get to Italy. I think I’m going to try to run in the mornings once we’re in Italy. Maybe. I dunno. We’ll see. Goddamn I’m going to eat so much pizza in Italy and it will be amaaaaazing.)