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Face Time

18 Mar

This is a face.

It’s a good face. Not great or fantastic or overwhelmingly gorgeous, but good. It’s somewhat pleasant to look upon and even makes amusing expressions at times. It gets the job done and doesn’t seem to send people shrieking in the other direction. It’s a face that smiles often, especially when surrounded by wondrous, fabulous people whom it loves. It’s a face that loves to laugh. It’s also a face that cries, well, much more often than it really should. This doesn’t mean that it’s a particularly depressed face, mind you, it’s just sort of overtly emotional. It cries at happy occasions, sad occasions, movie scenes both happy and sad (especially when they involve animals), and sometimes even State Farm commercials. It’s a sensitive face. It showcases quite a bit of emotion quite a lot of the time. Another face once told this face, “It’s easy to read you. The emotion’s always there.” This face can hide certain emotions when need be, but, usually, it’s quite open about how it feels. It’s a face that tries to not be afraid to be itself.

This also happens to be a face that knows heartbreak. It’s a face that is used to getting its heart broken by either rejection or by being let down. It’s a face that’s never known love – or, rather, what it’s like to be in love – and is skeptical of when that is finally going to happen. And, almost one whole year ago, this face had its heart trampled upon in the worst possible way. It fell for another face it was seeing and, in the end, that other face did not want it. After that, it closed up. It told its heart “take a hike”, which is something it’s never done before. This face in the past has been the face that always has a crush on some other face. It’s quite the romantic, but it hasn’t been that way for a long time now. In the past year this face shut out date opportunities, possible suitors, and anyone that seemed remotely interested in it. It thought to itself, “Why bother? I know how it’ll end.” This face grew tired of being hurt. It just wanted to stop trying.

But as of late this face has been having some long conversations with its heart. Its heart has reminded it how great it feels to be kissed, how wonderful it once was to be gazed upon with dreamy emotion, and how lovely it is to wake up with a smile each and every morning. So, maybe this face hasn’t thrown the towel in. Not just yet. It’s been slowly opening up more and more as the months go by. It hasn’t necessarily put itself back out there just yet, but maybe it’d like to. Maybe it’d like to give romance another go; that is, if the world will let it.

While this may all be true, it’s also worth mentioning that I am more than just a face. I’m no woman or lady; I’m just a girl who’s trying to find her place in the world. I will always be that utter romantic at heart, daydreaming of being serenaded or given love poetry or that some hunky guy (*cough*JASONSEGEL*cough*) will whisk me away to Disneyland, even though it’s doubtful I’ll ever find a guy who’ll meet those expectations. But even though I have my extremely high, unattainable expectations, I’m hoping that, maybe someday, I’ll find that guy who will make me throw all my expectations out the window because he’ll complete me just as he is. And then there will be internal fireworks and unicorns and rainbows and stuff. Yeah. I’d like that.

But I am still twenty-one. I’ve got plenty of time.

Now, if you don’t mind, there’s a (cute) guy who wants to talk Muppets with me online and I’m not about to pass that up.