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smitten like a kitten :: crushin like a russian

13 May

Sometimes a crush can fill you with such pure satisfaction and glee, almost like you’re floating amidst the bluest parts of the sky that no one’s ever seen; other times a crush can fill you with so much dread and frustration and loss of self-worth that it weighs you down and sends you plummeting back towards the lifeless, flatness that is the earth.


19 Apr

I shouldn’t like you.

Not this much.

Our locations aren’t exactly practical.

We hardly ever converse about anything of real, concrete value.

We go through long spouts of time where we barely even talk.

And when we do talk it’s always the same conversation topic.

(Muppet adoration is not a solid base for a relationship.

Neither is swapping tales of drunken times and making penis jokes.)

I’m not even sure how you feel about me or what your love life currently entails.

I should be thinking about the other one. The cute, close by, shy one.

But no. It’s you.

You, you, you, you, you.

Goddamn you.