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Oh Happy Day!

3 May

I don’t often write about good days, mainly because they can be a rarity at times, so when they make an appearance in my life, by golly, I make sure to write about them. And today was a good day, folks. A very, very good day.

Look how happy the Beatles are! This is how I feel… except there’s only one of me, and I’m sitting in an office instead of jumping on a bed… but you get the idea.

I guess by saying “I had a good day” what I really mean to say is “I’ve had a good twenty-four hours”, seeing as how the last half of yesterday was pretty grand. I shared my Vagina Monologue with the world (sort of) and it has thus far been well received, and then my Jane Eyre group presented and I’m pretty certain we did well. I also got to hang out with a good friend yesterday evening. We went out for burgers, her catching me up on her wonderfully happy life and me regaling her about the crush I often allude to. We then ate pie and watched the movie Screamers. All in all, a pretty great night.

That great night has transferred over into me having a great day as well.

It started with me worrying about being late to class, but I ended up getting there on time and then being released from class an hour early. I then bought a coffee, and my friend who was working at the library coffee shop remembered that I like my drinks extra sweet, which was sweet of her to remember (there’s a reason I never make puns…it’s cause I’m bad at them). I then drank my delicious, hot beverage while listening to an audio interview with a certain Muppet performer that a certain friend shared with me, and getting the chance to hear it was beyond amazing.

Today I was also asked to partake in something particularly Muppety as well, but I’ll hold off on my raving on this aspect. Just in case I get super lazy and idiotically miss out on this opportunity. So let’s wait to make sure I actually pull through on this one first before I talk in detail on it.

But the best part of my day? I am most likely almost guaranteed I’ll-know-soon not going to be homeless this summer/next school year! I need to figure out move out times with my current roommates and get a hold of Rachael’s current landlady, but I think it’s gonna work out nicely. Plus the place is closer to campus and so much cheaper than my current place. This pleases me to no extent.

And… well I guess that’s it! All in all it’s been a pretty marvelous day.

Thankful for the Weekend

22 Apr

This weekend has been lovely. Beyond lovely. I don’t even know how to put it into works.

I had a pleasant chat with the nice girl at Starbucks who always asks me if I work for OSF. I babysat some kids and got to put some of the money I made into my tattoo savings stash. I watched AtlantisThe Lost Empire for the first time in close to ten years with Beth, Robin, and their dog. I got some really great feedback on the poem I posted yesterday. The roommates and I had a mature conversation about moving out in June and are now all on the same page. I was given free doughnuts, cookies, and pie all in the span of twelve hours. I’ve interacted with a lot of really sweet, really wonderful people. My boss’s daughter brought me (free!) coffee this morning. Nick’s mom is in town and is taking him, Kyle, Zach, and myself out to dinner tonight. I just found out I have no Technical Writing homework due tomorrow. And, to top it all off, the sun has been shining and Ashland weather has been absolutely gorgeous.

Oh yes. Life does not get much better than this.

This weekend has been a great reminder that crushes do not make or break a life, let alone a weekend (and that priorities need lie elsewhere at times). It has also been viable proof that the sun puts me in a much better mood. I felt all charismatic and enthusiastic yesterday, and that has certainly carried on over to today as well. While I’m bummed that tomorrow means another day of school, this weekend has done a great job re-energizing me. It’s given me hope that this year, maybe this one time, I will have a spring term that does not completely kill my soul. It’s given me the drive to go on for one more week, making me one week closer to summer. It’s given me back my days of tank top and sun dress wearing.

It’s given me a reason to smile.

Now let’s see how long I can hold onto this feeling of grandeur before the depression of school takes hold and I go back to complaining about the crush being quite unattainable and I start whining about how badly I want summer to be here.


6 Mar

Seventeen more days until I get to wake up at five o’clock in the morning, groaning and whining because I stayed up far too late the night before as my father, quite literally, drags me out of bed, leads me to the kitchen, and places me in front of a bowl of cereal, which I then mindlessly eat as my brother mirrors my actions from across the table.

Seventeen more days until we stand in a long, agonizing line, still groggy from lack of sleep, removing such trivial things like shoes, earrings, belts, necklaces, and spare change and discarding all of our belongings into blue plastic trays as we cross under a metal arch, praying not to hear that agonizing BLEEP that means having to embarrassingly recheck yourself in front of everyone behind you in line.

Seventeen more days until I get to wander through the much tinier version of Powell’s Books, clutching a grande white mocha that my father bought me from the Starbucks down the green hall, sifting through the shelves of books until one catches my eye that I decide will make a good read once I’ve reached my final destination.

Seventeen more days until I get to buckle up, sit back, and soar high through the air and leave all the stress of school, worries of peers, dreads of finances far behind me.

Seventeen more days until I get to spend five hours doing nothing but reading any book of my choosing, most likely one that I’ve been dying to read all term, while also staring out the window and admiring the rows upon rows of clouds and thinking to myself “Wow. There is nothing more beautiful than this.”

Seventeen more days until I get to explore a different, exciting airport that I haven’t been to in years, begging my dad to buy my brother and I lunch at a nice restaurant and then snooping around stores to see if I can find a possible birthday gift for my roommate.

Seventeen more days until I get to spend eight hours high up in the air reading, playing sudoku, listening to music, writing, watching whatever’s on the television monitors, and possibly forcing myself to gt at least a couple hours of sleep before landing.

Seventeen more days until I’m in Italy.

Seventeen more days until happiness.

I enjoy the little things in life

11 Jan

Doodles on homework
Smiles from strangers
Blooper reels

Scalp massages
Senior standing registration
Sleeping in
Slam poetry

Eccentric earrings
Kettle corn

Cliffhanger endings

Buffed and glossy finger nails
New tubes of mascara
Special K cereal

Phone calls from dad
Post-it notes
Extra shots of espresso

Riding down hills
Hot soup
Good TV pilots
Bath salts
Sutter Home Wine

Clean spoons
Christmas music

High fives