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Having Fun Isn’t Hard When You’ve Got a Library Card

3 Jun

I’m in the final phase of the school year; the final push towards freedom. Just one more week of classes, then a week of finals, and then I’m off for four months. It’s the final inning, and there’s no turning back now.

Unfortunately, since I’ve got one more week until finals week, that means it’s also my busiest time of spring term. There’s so much to get done from now until the end of finals week.

Here’s a list of all the shit homework/miscellaneous things I have to accomplish by two Thursdays from now:

  • Technical Writing: Write my ten to twelve page formal report
  • Technical Writing:Fix my resume/cover letter
  • Technical Writing:Put together a power point about my formal report
  • Spanish: Fill out workbook
  • Spanish: Study for final
  • Spanish: Watch the video for chapter nine
  • Drama in Western Culture: Read Ruined
  • Drama in Western Culture: Write paper on Ruined
  • Drama in Western Culture: Put together group skit
  • Human Sexuality: Find more book/online sources
  • Human Sexuality: Write five to six page paper
  • Human Sexuality: Read chapters 18 and 19 in the text
  • Human Sexuality: Study for final
  • British Female Writers: Read the assigned reading for this week
  • British Female Writers: Go back and read the Woolf passages
  • British Female Writers: Write the paper for the class
  • Miscellaneous:Write up my third entry for Cool Gizmo Toys
  • Miscellaneous: Memorize six pages of lines for Patrick’s scene
  • Miscellaneous: Babysit
  • Miscellaneous: Start moving into my new apartment this week

Just looking at this list makes me want to hurl.

It’s pretty damn obvious I’m not going to have a moment of free time for the next twelves days. I’ll have barely enough time to squeeze in TV time, let alone time to eat/sleep/breathe. So what’s the stupidest thing I could possibly do leading up to this last week of classes and starting preparation for finals week?

Go to the library.

Truthfully, I went in looking for the book The Magicians, since there’s been some discussion lately of an online book club of sorts amongst friends and that book was the one that seemed to be talked about he most (well, that and 50 Shades of Grey, but I’m pretty sure we were all joking about that one… at least, I hope we were joking). And I didn’t even leave the library with Magicians because it wasn’t even in, but that didn’t stop me from checking out all of these. I can’t enter a library without grabbing every single book that looks good off the shelves. The fact that I was able to exit the library with a mere four books is a huge accomplishment, seeing as I’m used to leaving with at least ten books in tow. I actually had five, but I put An Abundance of Katherine’s back, because I told myself that I wasn’t allowed to read any John Green books until I read my edition of Paper Towns.

And that’s the other thing! I have a stack of books in my room made up of about twenty-five or thirty books I want to try to read this summer, and here I am going to the library and getting even more books to add to the stack! Not to mention I need to finish reading Jane Eyre andThe Jungle Book.

But what can I say? I’ve been wanting to read all these books for quite some time now. I’m hoping to wrap up Jane Eyre and Jungle Book by tomorrow night (since I’m close to being done with both), and then I’ll probably start in with Mindy Kaling’s book, since I imagine it’s a bit lighter than the other three.

I just want finals week to be over so I can spend all summer reading and writing. Too much to ask? Mayhaps, but I’m almost there, so I care not.

(Also, if you understand the title of this entry, then obviously  you had an equally amazing childhood akin to my own.)

lack of motivation.

20 May

The last half of spring term is the time of year where I am notoriously at my laziest. I’m at that point in the school year where I can almost taste the freedom summer brings about, and I become lazy in every aspect of my life. This is why I’ve been lacking in updates recently. I just can’t seem to find the motivation to write.

My goal of summer is to try to update once a day, so hopefully that endeavor will go well.

In other news.

Lessons learned from today:

  • It’s good to be supportive of friends, even when it seems difficult
  • Always back up your files before you bring your laptop in to get fixed. ALWAYS.
  • Pinterest = where I shall plan out my future wedding and find all my future recipes from here on out
  • Having amazing, awesome, wonderful friends makes life so much better (that means you, Beth, and your silly boyfriend too)
  • I should always have my phone on me, because when I don’t I miss text messages from certain people and get all sad
  • Homework is impossible to accomplish while Arrested Development exists on Netflix instant watch
  • Not living close to work really sucks when I am bike-less and can’t get a hold of my roomamte

el fin.

A Sleeper’s Lament

19 Mar

I’m suffering from lack of sleep right now.

It’s the kind of lack of sleep where your head constantly keeps drooping down to your left shoulder, floundering for something to rest itself upon, and you can barely keep your eyes open and you probably wouldn’t be able to at all if it weren’t for the clacking of keys as your roommate types on his desktop on the opposite side of the room, and your mind keeps wandering off and thinking about things like spring break and chicken wings and how green your cat’s eyes are and how comfortable your pillow would be right now, which is no good because you should be focusing on the ten page literary analysis paper in front of you that is due in fourteen hours because you wrote way too much and you have to find some way to condense it down, but you don’t want to condense it down, you think it is perfect as it is, but you have to, you have to, you have to, and, Jesus, when did it become eleven o’clock?

Man. I miss sleep.

Tonight is my break.

9 Mar

Kinda sort of.

The next week and a half are gonna be hell. Dead week and finals week? Off the top of my head I’ve got: two worksheets, a chapter in my Spanish workbook to complete, six short papers to write, two ten page papers to write/finish, a sonnet to memorize, one take home test to complete, one play to read, an eight page script to write and then perform with my group, and two final tests to study for.

Yes. The next thirteen days are going to be hell.

So I’m giving myself tonight off. I’m going to do nothing except watch Buffy for the rest of the night. I’m already on my fourth episode of the night (just eight more until I’m done with the series!). Tomorrow I’ll start tackling my mountain of homework, but tonight? I rest. I deserve a rest. Everyone does once in a while.