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A Fine Day of Fine Things

5 Aug

A couple incredibly wonderful things about my day:

— Today I sat down in a Starbucks, listened to the song “Yer Spring” by Hey Rosetta! for five hours on repeat, and finish my screenplay that I’ve been working on for two years now. I mean, it’s far from being done. I need to go back and write those three or four scenes that I said “Meh, I’ll come back and write these later” because I was too lazy at the time. After that, I’m gonna have a friend take a look at the whole thing, and once I get her feedback I’m gonna delve in. There are over 200 pages, which is far too long for a movie (or, at least, this kind of movie) so many cuts are going to have to be made, probably a plot point or two as well. Shitty dialogue is going to have to be rewritten, shitty characters are going to have to be reconfigured, and shitty plot lines are either going to have to be rethoughtout or dropped entirely. Even still, keeping all this mind, I still could not stop myself from shaking as I stared at my computer screen after I had typed the last words of my screenplay. It’s so close, guys. My baby’s almost complete.

— Martin and I watched last week’s and then this week’s episode of Breaking Bad while eating pizza and cookie dough. It was kind of perfect and an accumulation of everything summer should be (all we were missing was alcohol).

— I went on a 10:30pm run. After my run, I wrote this email to Tom Wilson (Biff of Back to the Future fame):

So, I hate running, but for some reason I agreed to do a 5K with a friend at the end of this upcoming September (I’m certain I agreed under the pretense of thinking how cool it would be to say I had run a 5K). Precisely ten minutes after agreeing to do said 5K I realized “Oh hell, this means I actually have to start running to prep” which is basically what I’ve been doing ever since. Let me tell you, I don’t think running would be half as bearable if it weren’t for your podcast, good sir. Your stories and interviews keep a smile on my face the entire time I run. The longer episodes are perfect because not only do they last through my entire run, but by the time I get home I still have some podcast left over to listen to as I lie sprawled out on the floor feeling like a truck ran over my legs. So thank you. I honestly never thought I’d be running at midnight contemplating how the pepper spray my roommate forced me to take looks a lot like a tiny dildo as a homeless man waves at me on a bike whilst listening to you serenade me about homonyms, but life is full of funny scenarios like that. Your podcast is a delight. Keep up the amazing work!

Yup. A great day. Here’s what the next couple days have in store:

  • Monday: Early morning breakfast with Valerie and her family and then photo shoots with Kaylyn and company
  • Tuesday: Writing group meeting! At last!
  • Wednesday: Muppet viewing party with Beckah

I love me some comic relief characters.

28 Jul

I worked on my screenplay again today. There’s one character in it who I’m absolutely, ridiculously in love with because she is a horrible human being, which makes her so very perfect and wonderful. Here is every nickname she has uttered towards other people in the script thus far:

  • Spazz Face
  • New Face
  • Slut
  • Steve Carell
  • You son of a monkey whore
  • Asswipe
  • The 40 Year Old Virgin
  • Dildo
  • Grumpy Gus
  • Bitch-o-rama
  • SOB
  • Steve Wilkos
  • You silly fuck
  • Skank
  • Mega-douche
  • Douche-o-saurus
  • King of the douches
  • Mayor of douche-o-topia
  • Kumtwat
  • Fagasaurus
  • Señor Boyfriend
  • Paco
  • Twatwaffle
  • Bro
  • Judge Judy
  • Judge Joe Brown
  • Sexy Willie Nelson
  • Whoreface
  • Phoenix Wright
  • Barbie
  • Douchechomper
  • Beezy
  • You stupid fuck
  • A Story-Ninja
  • Donald Douche
  • Dingle Douche
  • Dick Facey

And, as an extra treat, here are my favorite quotes of hers:

“Sure you can. You’ve got a great bod. Your milkshake will bring all the boys to your yard. And by your yard I mean your vagina.”

“I don’t like sign language. It’s like people are keeping secrets from me.”

“You’re sassy like a Disney horse!”

“What bullshit. Canadians can’t be Jewish. Everybody knows that.”

“Get yourself a publisher. Or an agent. And meet JK Rowling! Oh my god, you could be the next JK Rowling! And then you and JK could gang up on Stephanie Meyer and punch her in the cunt!”

“I am the Seth Rogen of your life!”

Oh Delilah Kubrick. Please become a real person and be in my life always.

“If Rick Moranis was there I’d be very much impressed.”

setting myself up.

6 Jun

Here’s a list of things I’m writing that I’d like to accomplish this summer:

  • Obsessed || screenplay
  • Untitled Beach/Mute Writer/Toussaint Charbonneau piece || screenplay
  • Max Factor || screenplay
  • Questions || screenplay
  • Twins || play
  • Doodles on a Nihilist’s Arm || short story
  • The Girl With the Owl Necklace || short story
  • Twinship || novel
  • Eleven Inches || novel
  • This Year || slam poem
  • Shy || slam poem
  • The Ferris Bueller Method || slam poem


Sorry for all these lists as of late. I know they don’t constitute as interesting blog entries. My goal for the summer is to write in this blog once a day and, well, okay, it’s not technically my summer just yet (eight more days!), but I’m kind of trying to get into the swing of things now. The problem is that if I wrote about what’s going on in my life right now it’d be a constant blather about stress of school/finances/moving/finals/etc. I guess writing about moving could be interesting, but I haven’t even begun the moving process just yet, and I seriously doubt people would like recounts of me shoving mugs and scarves into random boxes.

So. Yeah. Here’s a vague list about stuff I’m gonna (hopefully) work on this summer.

Should I share my writing on here throughout the summer? Maybe tidbits of each of them.

A review on ‘The Descendants’ and why I liked it

5 Feb

I’d really like to write a movie that is as good as The Descendants.

Kind of.

There were so many things this movie did right. It was a very honest, very open piece. It didn’t shy away from the hard-hitting things that come along with the death of a loved one or the discovery of an affair. It was written in such a way that it allowed the actors to give spectacular performances, especially Mr. Clooney. I spent the entire time waiting for his character to break down or punch someone or to just react in a very emotional way, as would make sense for a person in his situation, and while his mask slipped a few times and a tear or two was shed he kept it all in, which I think was the strong choice to make on this part. The movie told me a story that made me tear up – not sob, like I expected to, but still, tears were there – and an hour after it’s over I’m still very much thinking about it, which should really be the true goal of any movie. The dialogue was well written and the character relationships were interesting. The cinematography was beautiful. The way some shots were framed? Took my fucking breath away. The landscapes/settings were amazing as well. I noticed location so much more in this movie than others I’ve seen, and while the beautiful shots of Hawaii were, well, beautiful, the smaller indoor locations were what really stuck out to me. Like the tiny green room where the doctor gives Clooney the bad news? For some reason in that scene I thought “Wow. That is such a perfect room for this scene to be set in.”

However, it was a bit slow at a lot of points, and I wasn’t really a fan of the ending. I guess I was all right with how it ended, but I just felt the ending was… sudden? It just left me feeling a little unsatisfied. I thought there would be a greater climax; a really cathartic moment. There was one that sticks out, but it was so small… I guess I wanted just a little more resolution. It felt like the climax was reached thirty minutes before the end of the film, and it really wasn’t ready for it yet. Also, the beginning of the film put so much focus on the youngest daughter and then that went away rather quickly, which was a shame as I would have loved to see more what was going on with her during this period of her life.

But all the good that I mentioned? That’s what I want in all the screenplays that I write. Deep-rooted thought out character relationships, opportunities for intriguing, well-placed on location filming, a plot that sticks with you for days after you’ve seen it, dialogue that stands its own and shows deep subtext/context, rounded characters, and a message that strikes at the heart. A movie that you’d like to see. That I’d like to see. Something that speaks out to people and makes them consider things deep down. I don’t think any of the things I’ve written stand up to that ideal… but I’d like to try. Keep trying, I guess. That’s all I can really do.

So yes. I think I’d like to write a movie like The Descendants.