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Movie Characters I’m More Than A Little In Love With

10 Jun

Not celebrities, movie characters. Important to keep in mind.

15. Mark Darcy. I think it’s near impossible for any female to watch Bridget Jones Diary and not swoon at Mark Darcy’s “I like you, very much, just the way you are” speech. Even if he does wear a hideous reindeer sweater.

14. The Prime Minister. Everyone usually goes on about how the “To me, you are perfect” part of Love Actually is the best moment of the film and, okay, yeah, that part is pretty damn romantic, but this storyline is my favorite out of all of them. I love how he instantly falls for Natalie, and how awkwardly adorable he is around her the rest of the film. Not to mention the kiss at the end. And the dance he does in his office is just the best.

13. Grigg. I’m pretty sure the only reason I bought The Jane Austen Book Club DVD was solely for this character. He is geektastic, attractive, and adorkable. Plus, y’know how there are some movie kisses that you go back and rewatch again and again? Yeah. This was one of them for me.

12.  Duckie Dale. The day a guy comes into my office and reenacts the dance from Pretty in Pink is the day my heart will truly be won over. Oh. And Andy’s an idiot. I would’ve chosen Duckie over Blaine in a heartbeat.

11. Inigo Montoya. I feel like before there was this stupid Team Edward and Team Jacob nonesense, there was Team Inigo and Team Wesley. And I was Team Inigo. All the way. I even have the sixth grade fanfiction to prove it.

10. Hector Barbossa. Yes, he’s older than my father, but honestly? If I had a choice of being stuck on a desert island with Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbossa, or Will Turner, I would choose Barbossa every goddamn time. There is something so sexy about that pirate. My lady parts can’t handle it.

9. Andy DufresneI find the character of Andy so remarkably fantastic. His little spiel about never losing hope always manages to get me. And, not gonna lie, it’s the hair. Look at that hair. That is some damn attractive hair on a generally attractive man.

8. Ray Stantz. Most likely the most dork-tastic movie hero of all time. Impossible for the geek in me not to love him.

7. Guido Orefice. This is my idea of the ideal romantic man. Everything he does for Dora is inconceivably heartwarming. Their kiss under the table is one of my all time favorite movie moments, and his “I’d like to make love you” ranks up there as well. And this movie has made the phrase “Buongiorno Principessa” something I’d love for a man to say to me someday.

6. Bruce Banner. Absolutely. There is something so strong about this character, but also something so heart rendering. I just want to hold his hand.

5. Randal Graves. He’s crude, perverted, rude, a terrible employee, and kind of a dick. Yet, at the same time, he’s extremely well spoken, arguably intelligent, and can whip a motivational speech out of his ass faster than you can say “thirty-seven dicks”. And while I may deny having a crush on Jeff Anderson’s Randal in Clerks II (total lie, by the way), you cannot deny he is one attractive guy in Clerks.

4.  Racetrack Higgins. Oh baby, an Italian-American boy who can sing and tap dance? Yeah, right up my alleyway.

3. Han Solo. No explanation needed.

2. Elwood Blues. Be still my heart! Elwood will always be up there in my list of movie character crushes. Can’t say no to a guy who can pull off the suit, fedora, and sun glasses look 24/7, not to mention can sing, dance, and play the harmonica. (Also? Young Dan Aykroyd? Meow.)

1. Cameron Frye. Love of my fucking life.