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The Musings of a Fan Girl: Five Fictional Places I’d Never Want to Live.

29 Apr

Man, I love me some fictional realms. If I had the option of spending the rest of my days kicking it in the Shire, visiting Diagon Alley, traveling to new places in the TARDIS, I’d be one happy duck.

However, as much as I love all my fandoms, I am sane enough to recognize that some of them aren’t exactly ideal locations to ever relocate to (though I am insane enough to say that I would totally live on the Island). So, having put some thought into it, here are five fictional places I would never want to live in/visit/even exist.


5. Sunnydale. This one almost didn’t make the list, because I am so in love with all the characters on this show and the wonderful storyline Joss Whedon came up with… but here’s my beef: I hate vampires. No, not because of Twilight (though that didn’t help). Vampires have always creeped me out. Something about the idea of someone puncturing me with their teeth in order to suck out my blood… to be quite honest, I just got nauseous writing that sentence. It’s weird because I’m totally fine with all other sorts of violence you see on TV and in movies (wahoo desensitization!), but a person drinking another person’s blood? Ick. No thank you.

This has always been a thing for me, ever since I was a little kid, which is why I’ve always stayed far away from vampire related things. There have been exceptions, of course (ie. Buffy and the UK version of BeinHuman), but only because of the amazing characters and stories being told. Even so, as much as I may love the Buffy-verse and the cast of crazy characters who live there, man, I just would not be cut out to live on top of the Hell Mouth. There are scenes in Buffy where I literally have to look away because of how much all the blood drinking grossed me out. I almost threw up in a scene from Being Human. So no vampires for me, please. Stay out of my life.


4. The Battlestar Galactica. I should probably amend this to say “any television show and/or movie that takes place on a space ship (except for Doctor Who).” The idea of being on a ship out in space has always freaked me. This probably has something to do with that fact that one of the adults in charge of my elementary school’s After School program, where kids could hang around waiting to get picked up by their parents, thought it was a good idea to show the film Apollo 13 to a group of kids when I was friggen eight years old. I was so deathly afraid of space for years, because I assumed everyone who went up there came pretty damn close to dying.

However, with shows like Firely and films like Star Wars, I guess you could say I’d be a little less reluctant to journey into the final frontier and concur this lifelong fear of space. But not on the Battlestar Galactica. As some of you know, I’m currently going through BSG, and man, those people cannot catch a fucking break. Every episode they’re losing their water or cylons are chasing after them or the people on the ship are rebelling and killing each other, and as much as I’ve come to love this show, fuck, living on a Battlestar seems like the last thing that I would ever want to do.

And knowing my luck I’d probably turn out to be a cylon anyway. (I could’ve been Number Nine!)


3. Panem. Yeah, this one should be self explanatory. If you have ever said to yourself “Man, I wish I could live in Panem” then go check yourself into an institution ASAP. Panem may be an entire country, but even so, goddamn, there is not a single region there that I’d want to live in. The lower districts are dingy and the higher districts are filled with self indulgent assholes.

Plus, y’know, the whole Hunger Games aspect is really a turn off as well. Yes, as much fun as I’m sure it would be to live in a dystopian future where we cheer on kids killing each other for fame, I think I’ll have to pass.


2. Jurassic Park. So I love Jurassic Park. I’m pretty sure I’ve established this dozens of times by now, so I’ll just leave it at that. However, as much as I love the story behind this film/book, holy hell, this is something I never want to be a reality. Someone approached me in the last couple months and told me the news about how scientists have realized it’s impossible to clone dinosaur DNA, and my response was a loud: “GOOD.”

The whole purpose of Jurassic Park is that we, as humans, should not play god, because it is guaranteed that life will find a way (and that we’ll fuck everything up). I don’t mind obsessing over a story that presents the notion of how dangerous over idealism is with dinosaurs running around in the background, but the second someone actually goes and creates a dinosaur, goddammit, I guess it’s time to get over my fear of space because I’m gonna have to get off this fucking planet.

1. Westeros.







My review of The Hunger Games

22 Apr

Ah! I’m finally writing up this review! I definitely meant to do this all of this past week but I kept putting it off… Whoops!

Anyway, I saw The Hunger Games last Sunday and I absolutely loved it. As someone who has read The Hunger Games more than once (and finished the series), I thought it was a very faithful adaption and a very well made movie. There were so many wonderful things about it; however, I’m only going to write about my five favorite parts of the film. But first…

(And yes. There are spoilers)


1. Katniss in the Capitol. This film banked on how much Katniss dislikes and doesn’t fit into the Capitol, which was great. It’s very true, and they did a wonderful job portraying it… but I feel like it was taken a step further in the movie. Mainly… well, okay, when it came to the food. I would’ve loved a scene with Jennifer Lawrence cramming her face full of food and indulging in that lamb stew Katniss loves so much. It’s a definite part in the book and, I dunno, maybe I would’ve liked some happiness? But I understand the movie only had an umpteen amount of time to get everything about Katniss in whilst in the Capitol and they wanted to display how much she dislikes it, so, okay, I understand.

2.Peeta the Underdog. Let’s face facts, Peeta is the ultimate underdog. His love for Katniss and his personality make him liked by all readers, but he’s still got a lot against him in the books. However, in the first book he has such good rapport with Haymitch during the training. In the movie I felt like a bit of it was lost. I guess the filmmakers just wanted to keep Katniss at the center of attention, which is understandable.

3. Not enough Rue. This is the only one I’m still kind of peeved about. Rue’s storyline lasted about ten minutes in the film, and even then she wasn’t on screen very much. It felt too rushed. I did talk to a friend who saw the movie and never read the books, and she said she had no problem relating Katniss’s relationship with Rue to her relationship with Prim, which I suppose is good. It still peeves me though. Rue’s such an important part in the books. I just wish she could have had a couple more minutes of screen time. Just one more short scene is all I would’ve wanted.


Now here’s all that I ridiculously loved!


1. Jennifer Lawrence. If you watch this movie and say “Nope, Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss makes no sense” then there’s something truly wrong with you. She was brilliant. Her range of emotion was perfect. She said so much without saying anything at all. She really tapped into the character of Katniss. I loved her relationship with Primrose and her mother. It spoke volumes, just by some of the actions Lawrence did. Yup. It’s official. I’ve definitely got a lady crush on her now. (Don’t worry, Emma Stone. No one will replace you in my heart.)

2. Peeta + Katniss. This was pretty spectacular. When Peeta ascends the stairs up to the platform when his name is chosen and his eyes first meet Katniss’s and, GAH! The girly girl in me was freaking out. Josh and Jennifer did a really nice job taking the relationship from the page to the screen. My only complaint? Not enough kissing. In the book, after a certain point in the games, all they do is kiss in order to get more sponsors. One kiss though? Come on, Gary Marshall, way to not play the fan service card.

3. Cinematography/Special Effects. There were many splendid film making choices that went into this film. The use of silence, especially in the beginning in District 12 while showing clips of what day-to-day life is for the people in The Seam. The part with the Tacker Jacker venom was trippy and exactly how I imagined when I read the book. I’m not normally a fan of the shaky camera effect in films, but for this one I thought it worked (for the most part). Especially when someone was fleeing being, y’know, killed.

4. Execution of Exposition. One problem books turned movies seem to have time and time again is translating all the exposition onto the screen. A lot of the time it comes out as really boring, bogged down dialogue between characters. This movie, however, did a great job weaving in the pieces that don’t necessarily get discussed in the scenes. Mixing in the interview with Seneca and Flickerman throughout the first quarter of the movie to explain the games, Seneca’s conversation with President Snow to express the fear of a rebellion (which really helps set up the next film), the dream Katniss has about her father, the flashback of Katniss and Peeta’s first interaction, and so on.

5. Binging the World to Life. Nearly everything was how I imagined it was in the books, and if it wasn’t how I imagined it I still went, “Woah, yeah, not what I pictured, but so much better!” The actors all perfectly suited their characters (especially Effie and Cinna), the layout of the Capitol, the beginning of the riot in District 11, and so on. The two parts that stunned me the most were District 12 and the technology behind the games. The technology was so much more advanced than how I pictured it in the books, but it was just… wow. Being able to bring burning tree branches down with a push of a button? Genetically creating the hounds via a computer? Astonishing. And District 12 was so much like how I imagined it in the book that I spent the first fifteen minutes of the film in tears. (The only three things that didn’t mesh for me? Haymitch (always imagined him more… robust), the hounds (weren’t they wolves in the book?), and the Cornucopia (y’know how it was big and metal? Well in the book I always imagined an actual Cornucopia. Like the one that’s the center piece for Thanksgiving meals. I realize how stupid that sounds in comparison, but still.))

And that’s what I thought about The Hunger Games! If you haven’t seen it yet, you really should.

I Wish I Had My Own Boy with the Bread.

2 Feb
I could really use a Peeta Mellark in my life right about now.


There would be so many cuddles.

So many secrets shared.

So many kisses.

And so much free bread.

That’s pretty much all I want from life.

(especially the bread part)