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i left my heart in the sea.

20 Aug

I spoke to my father today on the phone, and we’ve made plans for my brother, him, and I to go to the beach in less than a month. Even though we’re only going for three days, I can’t wipe this grin off my face. My heart is overflowing with so much joy right at this very moment.

Early morning runs on the beach. Sitting in the grass by the stream. Grabbing coffee from the tiny cafe just up the street. Window shopping in Cannon town. Feeding the seals in the Seaside Aquarium. Playing arcade games with Anthony. Watching Miss Doubtfire and Forrest Gump at day’s end. Eating at Dooger’s. Candy shopping at Bruce’s. Sitting on the back porch and writing. True bliss.

I left my heart at Cannon Beach long ago, and there shall it forever reside.

The Problem with Portland…

2 Jul

Portland is my hometown and I love it with all my heart. It’s got a great atmosphere, it’s beautiful, it’s fabulous, it’s everything you should want when looking for a city to live in. I know my neck of the woods (West/East Moreland and Sellwood) like the back of my hand, downtown Portland is one of my favorite places to be on this earth (POWELLS!), and nothing beats a visit to Voodoo Donuts. But, you see…

The problem with Portland is –

Wow. I can already feel people throwing their Purina water purifiers, recycling bins and Ikea furniture at me (probably just by reading the title of this entry), SO JUST HOLD YOUR HORSES AND LET ME FINISH.

The problem with Portland is that it makes me lazy.

Coming home to Portland is like going on a vacation – half the time I’m crazy busy out and about doing fun awesome stuff with friends and family, and the other half is my lounging about doing absolutely nothing and feeling like a lazy piece of shit. Basically, nothing productive get done while I’m in Portland. In Ashland, when I’m not out with friends, I’m at home writing, cleaning, checking things off my to do list, etc. When I’m at home in Portland? Fat chance. I’m watching TV, browsing tumblr, eating lots of food, and, yeah, that’s about it.

I can’t say this trip to Portland has been totally uneventful. I went out to breakfast with my godparents/my brother’s godmother, I went camping for two days, I had a Disney marathon/sleepover that involved me drinking way too much vodka, I went to the Portland Zoo, I visited Powells, I’ve seen three movies (Brave, Seeking a Friend, and Moonrise Kingdom), I made a ton of cupcakes, I replaced my broken iPhone, I played video games with a friend, I saw a live puppet show, I’ve gone out to eat several times… so yeah! It’s been a really busy week and a half.

Evidence that I have actually gone outside since I’ve been in Portland. The short hair is sheer proof of it!

That being said, I’m currently sprawled across my couch, bag of Cheetos at my side, watching The Colbert Report episodes I’ve missed, and positively not giving a fuck.

A part of me inside is crying, “Take care of your bills! Work on that screenplay! Go out for a run! Wrap your brother’s birthday gifts! Update your Muppet tumblr! Read The Book Thief! For the love of Christ, do SOMETHING.”

Then, on the other hand, there’s the other voice that’s currently cooing, “But Stephen Colbert is so funny and this couch is so comfortable…”

I can’t decide why Portland turns me into this. It’s either because Portland instantly reverts me back to my sixteen year old self, whereI was the laziest teenager to ever live, or it just feels so much like a vacation. I think it’s a combination of both. It feels like a vacation because, while this is the home I grew up in, I’m rarely here, and so traveling up to Portland in and of itself feels like a vacation. Ashland’s become home for me, so I don’t feel bad shirking obligations when I travel north.

Plus we can’t overlook the simple fact: I’m a lazy fuck.

A Julia in her natural habitat: drinking wine from a beer mug, lazing on a couch, and doing jackshit all day long.

Today I had a conversation about how I’ve matured and I’m on top of bills, chores, grocery shopping, and, yeah, I’m a functioning adult. THAT BEING SAID, if it were up to me I’d probably spend the better part of most my days doing absolutely nothing if I could, which goes against the whole “grab life by the horns!” mantra I’ve been clinging to for the past several months, but, y’know, some days it doesn’t hurt to just laze about and not care. Not every day, but some days.

And seeing how much I’ve been doing since I got back to Portland, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing that I’m choosing to ignore my ever-growing To Do list and watching some TV. Granted, most of my trips to Portland consist of me staying indoors a lot more and doing this, but this time I’ve been pretty busy, so I think I deserve a little slack.

It’ll be weird coming back to Portland next year after I graduate, because it’s going to mean readjustment; explaining to my brain that Portland will be, for the time being, my permanent home once more and I can no longer do this. Once I move up here I can no longer fall into these lazy routine patterns of getting nothing done. That’s twelve months away from now, which seems so far off, and at the same time seems so soon.

For now I’m gonna keep eating this bag of Cheetos and watching Colbert go on about his love for America. But maybe I’ll go on a run later? Or maybe I’ll drag my dad to see a movie when he gets home.

Probably the latter.

Away I Go

22 Mar

At long last, all the waiting and wanting and yearning and longing is finally paying off. I’m off to Italy for ten days (well, nine, seeing as 24 hours will be devoted to being on a plane). The taxi just dropped us off at the airport. I guess this is me signing off until I’m back in the ol’ US of A.

As the great Charles Muntz once said: “Adventure is out there.”

Time for me to have an adventure.


Forty-Five . Forty-Five . Forty-Five

7 Feb

There’s just too much. Too much going on. Cutting actors, upcoming talks with exes, mounds of homework, finance worries, tests to study for, and life being a frustrating, convoluted mess. Through it all, there has been positively one thing that has been keeping me together all day… Well, okay, two things, if we were to include coffee, which we really should. But the main thing keeping me together today is this:

These are a handful of places I am visiting/could very well be visiting over the upcoming spring break. All places in Italy. Cortona, Siena, Rome, Assisi, Cinque Terra, Portofino, etc. All so beautiful, so wondrous, so much grander than anything else I’ve got going on in my life right about now.

Just forty-five more days.